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Content Manager vs Content Strategist: What’s the Difference?

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Content Manager vs. Content Strategist: What's the Difference?

Hey there, ever find yourself wondering about the difference between a "content manager" and a "content strategist"? I know those titles can sound a bit fancy, but no worries—I'm here to break it all down for you in a way that's totally straightforward and easy to grasp.

Let's start by introducing the Content Manager—aka, Your Friendly Content Enthusiast!👋🏽

I'm Shontelle Nicole, the content writer over at, and guess what? I'm your friendly neighborhood content manager! So, what exactly does that mean?

Think of me as the conductor of your content orchestra. I handle the day-to-day stuff. From planning out what content to share and when, to making sure it's posted in all the right spots, I've got you covered. And here's the cool part—I'm the wizard behind making your content shine on different platforms, so your message always hits the mark.

But hold on, there's more to my story...

Shontelle Nicole - Content Writer

What Makes Me Stand Out From The Rest?

What sets me apart from the crowd?

Imagine this: I'm like your favorite T-shirt transformed into a stylish tote bag. I've got a superpower called "content repurposing." Just like recycling, I take your awesome content and turn it into different formats that dazzle on various platforms.

This means your message reaches more people in ways they love. So, while others might be focused on just one thing, I'm your go-to for spreading the word far and wide, making your brand shine on all sorts of platforms. Not just social media, mind you—I'm talking about blogs, email newsletters, lead magnets, and beyond.

The Lowdown on Content Managers:

As a content manager, my game is all about keeping your brand's content top-notch, totally on-brand, and super strategic. I work hand-in-hand with different folks in your team to make sure our content is a bullseye for your business goals and what your customers are craving.

Now, Let's Meet the Content Strategist: The Big Picture Pro!

Time to dive into the world of content strategists. They're like the architects behind your content plan. Sounds fancy, doesn't it? But don't fret—it's simpler than it seems.

Picture this: Content strategists are the puzzle masters. They see the full puzzle even before starting to piece it together. They team up with designers and tech experts to ensure your content catches the eye and fits perfectly on your website. And they're always on the lookout for ways to make your content shine even brighter in the online world.

But wait, what's their story?

The Lowdown on Content Strategist:

Content strategists think big! They're the ones in charge of the master plan for all your content. They ensure everything aligns like a smooth puzzle, matching up with your business goals and what your audience is hungry for. They set the rules in the "how we write" guidebook, and they map out the journey your content will take.

Who's the Right Fit for You?

Now, here comes the million-dollar question: Do you need a content manager or a content strategist? Let's make it simple:

If you're looking for someone to tackle everyday tasks like writing articles, posting blogs, and sharing content on social media, then a content manager like me is your go-to partner.

But, if you're aiming for a mastermind to boost your website's Google ranking or draw a larger crowd from social media, then a content strategist is the hero you're after.

And there you have it! Content manager, content strategist—two fantastic roles that keep your content game strong. Armed with this info, you're ready to make the best choice for your content journey. Your content success is just around the corner!

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